Chartjunk is a webfont, a small piece of javascript to junkify inline data-series, and an actual ufo/otf file you can extend or do whatever you'd like.

If you're into it, you could fork this project on github

You don't need to use this, i don't know your life, but if this is something you're into then by all means.

obligatory demo

Stocks rose sharply in trading today... 1,2,4,1,9,42,53,2,45,16,2,3,15,0 becomes 1,2,4,1,9,42,53,2,45,16,2,3,15,0 (the sparkline has a title attribute with the original data)

I did pretty well this week at the range: +++==-++-+++==-++++=+ becomes +++==-++-+++==-++++=+

the javascript

The code that performs the transformations above is pretty straightforward, you can probably even implement it yourself in a smarter way. The code as it stands requires underscore.js, but you can probably rewrite it not even need that (it uses _.uniq,, _.max, _.min, _.range). it's your call


All this bizness is © marcos.andres.ojeda, 2012

The code is licensed under the json license while the font is licensed under an ofl license. Please have fun and do good things.